Consultation Meetings

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Before lodging a development application, applicants are strongly advised to undertake a Preliminary Consultation Meeting (PCM) especially if the works relate to:

  • demolition of a contributory or heritage listed buildings and building in conservation areas
  • new dwelling houses/alterations and additions
  • dual occupancies/integrated housing development
  • medium density (3 or more dwellings)
  • new commercial developments
  • rezoning
  • change of non-conforming uses.

During this meeting Council's Town Planning staff provide preliminary advice on the proposed development application. This includes identifying any potential areas of non-compliance and advice on how the application could be altered to comply with Council’s development controls.

This early advice can improve the success of the application, saving applicants time and money.

Frequency of Meetings

PCM is held every Thursday morning between 9.30am and 11.00am (subject to availability). Each application receives a 30 minute allocation of time.


Meetings for single dwellings, ancillary uses and dual occupancy attended by the owner of the property are free of charge. If the meeting is attended by consultants without the owner of the property a fee of $750.00 applies. 

There is a fee of $1,000.00 for all other development types. 

All fees are payable in advance.

Booking a PCM

Bookings can be made by contacting Council’s Customer Service team on 02 9879 9400

An application form, accompanied by a set of concept plans and any other relevant supporting documentation must be submitted to Council one week prior to the scheduled meeting. If this material is not received in time, the meeting will be deferred.

PCM Application Form

Minutes of the Meeting

After the meeting minutes are emailed to the applicant listed on the application form.