Local Planning Panel

Local planning panels are mandatory for all councils in Greater Sydney, pursuant the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

The Hunters Hill LPP determine development applications where:

  • there is concern that a development assessment may be compromised – such projects usually have a capital investment of $5 million to $30 million
  • proposed projects receive a high number of complaints
  • proposed projects are sensitive (such as demolition of heritage buildings or destruction of other community assets)
  • projects have strategic importance to the state.

Panel Members

The Hunters Hill Local Planning Panel comprises of four sitting members:

  • Chairperson (including a Head Chairperson and two alternates elected by state government)
  • two independent Professional Experts appointed by council and endorsed by the Minister (Professional Experts must have qualifications in architecture, economics, engineering, law, government, public administration, heritage, tourism, planning, environment, traffic and transport, urban design).
  • a community member appointed by Council.


  • Lesley Finn 
  • Peter Tomasetti SC (alternate) 
  • Professor Peter Webber (alternate)

Expert Panel Members

  • Sheridan Burke 
  • David Logan 
  • Peter Watts 
  • John McInerney
  • Ann Warr
  • Chris Young

Community Representatives

  • Meredith Sheil
  • Virginia Wise 
  • Phillip Hart
  • Barry Buffier

When are the meetings held?

The Hunters Hill LPP meetings in the Council Chambers on Thursday mornings as required. 

Public Participation

All Hunters Hill LPP meetings are open to the public, are recorded and livestreamed on Council's YouTube Channel.

One week prior to a Development Application being determined by Hunters Hill LPP, a notification is send by email to the applicant and any person who has made a submission. 

Anyone wishing to address the panel, must register by 12pm on the Tuesday prior to the meeting. Speakers are limited to 3 minutes at the discretion of the panel, depending on the number of people and agenda items at the meeting. 

Request to Address LPP

Minutes and Agendas

Agendas and Minutes of LPP meetings are available on our website.