Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool Safety

Private or backyard swimming pool safety is legislated by the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and the Swimming Pools Regulation 2018.

The Act and Regulation applies to all swimming pools and spa pools (both indoor and outdoor) on a premises where there is a residential building, a movable dwelling (e.g. caravan), or tourist accommodation.

The requirements for child-resistant barriers vary according to when the pool was constructed and where the pool is located. Self-assessment checklists are published on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Swimming Pool Register

The NSW Office of Local Government amended the Swimming Pools Act 1992 in October 2012 to introduce a Swimming Pool Register. All swimming pools are required to be registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Failing to register a swimming pool is an offence and may result in penalties of $220.00.

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of compliance or non-compliance is required before selling a property. A certificate of compliance is valid for three years.

Visit the NSW Swimming Pool Register to check is a certificate of compliance has been issued for a particular property.

A list of swimming pool inspectors (private certifiers) who are authorised to conduct inspections and issue certificates is available on the NSW Swimming Pool Register.

Apply for an Exemption

Council may, on application made by the owner of any premises, exempt the swimming pool from all or any of the requirements of Part 2 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992, if it is satisfied, in the particular circumstances of the case -

(a) that it is impracticable or unreasonable (because of the physical nature of the premises, because of the design or construction of the swimming pool or because of special circumstances of a kind recognised by the Swimming Pools Regulation as justifying the granting of an exemption) for the swimming pool to comply with those requirements, or

(b) that alternative provision, no less effective than those requirements, exists for restricting access to the swimming pool.

Apply for a Swimming Pool Exemption

Public Access to Swimming Pool Standards

To further assist swimming pool owners in association with NSW legislation, Council has the following documentation available for public inspection at the Council office during ordinary business hours: