Annual Reports and Financial Statements

Annual Report

This report has been developed to provide our community, Councillors and staff with a comprehensive account of Council’s achievements and challenges during the year.

The report provides an overview of Council’s financial position and details performance against commitments as set in the Community Plan and Operational Plan.

It demonstrates the diversity and breadth of services and operations delivered on a daily basis to our community and provides an insight into our financial position and decision-making processes.

Council acknowledges the hard work and commitment of our staff and volunteers who deliver services and facilities to Hunters Hill.

The report is prepared in compliance with the Local Government Act 1993.

Financial Statements

In accordance with the Local Government Act, Council reports each year on its financial position and performance.

The audited financial reports include information about Council’s income and expenditure, the condition of Council’s assets and infrastructure, and notes about the financial management of the organisation.