Works Zone

A works zone is a temporary parking or road restriction that is put in placed and enforced during development or construction work.  

Usually it is situated directly out the front of the property to which it services.  These restrictions prevent unauthorised vehicles from occupying the area during the times that the works zone is in effect. 


Step 1.Prepare Documents

To apply for a road opening permit you must provide:

  • Public Liability Insurance of $20 million (minimum $20,000,000 with an endorsement of Hunter's Hill Council as an interested party)
  • traffic management plan, including traffic control plan and pedestrian management plan (certified by an RMS accredited ticket holder)
  • plans or details diagrams

Step 2.Select Date

Applications must be submitted a minimum of seven business days prior to proposed work date or an urgency fee of $606.50 applies. Applications submitted with less than three days noticed will be refused.

Step 3.Apply and pay online

Apply Now

Step 4.Receive Your Permit  

Council staff will email you a copy of your permit once it has been approved. A copy of this approval must be available on site at all times.

Under no circumstances should work commence without receipt of a permit from Council.