Off Leash Dog Areas

Off leash dog on grass

Your dog may run off the leash in designated off leash areas in selected reserves around the municipality, but it must still be under your control (e.g. obey voice commands).

All areas are signposted to designate the off leash area within a reserve. Dogs declared as dangerous or restricted breed type dogs are prohibited from off leash areas.

It is required by law that dog droppings must be removed and disposed of correctly. Dog poo bins are provided and owners have a responsibility to pick up after their dog.  Penalties apply for failure to pick up after your dog.

Dogs are allowed off leash in the following parks:

Clarkes Point Reserve Off leash area all day Monday to Friday, and until 9:30 am on Saturday and Sunday. 
Gladesville Reserve, Lower Off lease permitted in sign posted area only, all day Monday to Friday and until 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday.
Tarban Creek Reserve, East Side Off leash area on the east side from Gladesville Road to Manning Road.
Riverglade Reserve Off leash area from east of the concrete spillway which runs between the two sediment ponds in the centre of the reserve to the eastern end of the reserve (at the pathway leading to Waruda Place).
Boronia Park, Oval 3 Oval 3 is an off leash dog area at all times, except when in use for organised sport or other pre-arranged activities.

In all other reserves dogs must be on leash at all times. Council’s rangers regularly enforces the companion Animal Regulations in reserves and streets.