Public Art

Public art encompasses a diverse range of artistic expressions beyond galleries and museums, enriching public spaces with creations like sculptures, murals, installations, and multimedia experiences. It extends to street design and urban elements, adding a creative touch to everyday surroundings. Public art fosters cultural identity, engages communities, and transforms the ordinary into something extraordinary.

Public art is not necessarily permanent, it can be temporary, it can be freestanding or attached to buildings, or integral to a public square or meeting place.

Council's Public Art Policy(PDF, 317KB) provide guiding principles for the creation and facilitation of public art in Hunters Hill. Hunter’s Hill Council is committed to the creation and ongoing support of public arts and culture that reflects the social, cultural, economic and environmental character of the municipality. 

Next time you are exploring Hunters Hill keep your eye out for our public art. Use the map below to find the art in our area and explore the links within the website to discover information about the origins of the art.