Boat Trailer Parking

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Boat trailer parking on residential streets in the Hunters Hill Municipality is managed and regulated by the Boat Trailer Parking Policy(PDF, 906KB). This policy relates to boat trailers that are under 7.5m in length. Any boat trailer that is in excess of 7.5m in length is considered a long/heavy vehicle and is regulated under section 200 of the Road Rules 2014 (maximum parking duration of 1 hour on residential roads).

For boat trailers that are under 7.5m in length, the maximum duration of parking on a public road is 28 days. If the trailer is not moved after 28 days, it may be impounded. Please note that this policy does not apply to boat trailers that are parked within the immediate vicinity of the residence of the trailer owner/user. 

Under the policy, the movement of the trailer requires displacement beyond the nearest cross street, i.e. movement of the trailer cannot merely be a few meters up the road - it must be substantial. Council Rangers have discretionary powers to enforce displacement. Council Rangers also regularly check boat trailers that are parked on public roads, as part of their general duties.

Frequently Asked Questions
I'm a resident, where can I park my boat trailer?  Residents may park their boat trailer in the immediate vicinity of their residence.
What if I can't park outside my residence?

If it is not possible to park your boat outside your home, you will need to move it off-street and into a private space. If you continue to park it on a public road, you need to ensure that it is moved at least once every 28 days.

In special circumstances, where it would be difficult for an owner to park a boat trailer outside their home or in the “immediate vicinity”, Council Officers discretion may extend the “immediate vicinity” to include part of one adjacent property, in order to address any issues arising from the following situations:

  • traffic sight lines and the property 
  • traffic calming devices and the property
  • road reserve geometry and the property 
  • street trees and the property
  • a property’s frontage geometry.

In the special circumstances situation, authority from Council is required by the owner of the boat trailer to park the trailer in the “immediate vicinity”. 

Apply for Boat Trailer Parking Exemption

What if I don't live in the area? You will need to either move the boat trailer onto private property, or you will need to adhere to the 28 day rule for on-street parking of boat trailers.
What happens to a boat trailer that is not parked in line with the policy?

If a boat trailer is found not parked outside its owner’s residence for more than 28 days, the owner is notified by mail that they have fifteen days to move the offending boat trailer. When this period expires the boat trailer is stickered, giving notice that it will be removed within three days. After this time Council has the right to impound the vehicle.

In addition to the above, if the Officer considers a boat trailer to have been left in a state of disrepair or neglect, then the Officer may refuse to offer a concession under this guideline and may determine that the boat trailer must be moved or repaired.