What can I do if I have concerns about building works or a development site?

Council understands that construction and development can sometimes cause concerns or inconvenience for those who live in close proximity to a building site.

The most common concerns about development can often be avoided through early and regular communication and co-operation. Discuss your concerns with the property owner and bring it to their attention. Sometimes they may be unaware that their activities are causing nuisance or are a breach of legislation.

If this is not an option or the issue can’t be resolved, any complaints in relation to the building works or a development site should be referred to the Principal Certifier (PC) in the first instance. Any correspondence received by Council where Council is not the PC will be referred to the PC to investigate.

The PC is required to issue a Written Direction Notice to the person responsible for rectifying any non-compliance within 2 days of becoming aware of the non-compliance.

What should I do if I have complaints about a Private Certifier?

Council do not regulate private certifiers. Any complaint about the professional conduct of a private certifier must be submitted to NSW Fair Trading.