Field Conditions

In the event of wet weather, updates to the status of Council’s sports grounds will be published on this page by 2pm on weekdays. 

If grounds are closed by 2pm on a Friday, the field will remain closed until the following Monday when another assessment will occur.

When grounds are open as at 2pm on Friday and rain then occurs over the weekend, the decision on suitability of the grounds will need to be made by the hirer. The hirer will need to keep in mind that they can be liable for the full costs of repairs to any damage sustained to the playing surface.

Council may decide to close the fields based on the following:

  • safety of users
  • weather forecasts
  • the amount of surface water present on the turf
  • the sport being played and the potential for damage to the playing surface
  • the condition of the fields when inspected
  • ensuring the fields will be available as soon as possible after wet weather.

Ground closures can occur with little notice. Sporting clubs, schools, personal trainers, and any other commercial activities do not have the authority to approve the use of sporting grounds when Council has decided to close the fields. If closed grounds are used, the hirer will be liable for the full cost of repairs to any damage sustained to the playing surface and may lose access to the use of Council grounds in the future.

Sports ground floodlighting is not operational when fields are closed.

Last Updated: July 17 2024, 2pm

Oval  Availability Comments 
 Bedlam Bay Open  
 Boronia Park Netball Courts Open  
 Boronia Park Oval 1 Open  
 Boronia Park Oval 2 Open  
 Boronia Park Oval 3 Open  
 Buffalo Creek Reserve Open  
 Gladesville Reserve Open  
 Riverglade Reserve Open  
 Weil Park Open  

Council will not be held responsible for any errors or omissions in the updating of the ovals database.