Sustainability Action Plan

Electric vehicle for Rangers

While Council has been working for some time to reduce its own emissions and support the community to live more sustainably, it’s time to accelerate our emissions reductions, ramp up the ways we support our community and prepare for changes to our city and community.

Council created a Sustainability Action Plan in 2021, and is working with a community-driven Sustainability Advisory Committee to continue to develop and evolve this plan.

The six core goals of the plan are:

  1. Improving energy efficiency
  2. Switching to renewable energy
  3. Supporting low emissions transport
  4. Driving the circular economy and waste minimisation
  5. Growing adaption and resilience
  6. Engaging the community.

In addition, Council has committed to a Renewable Energy Target (RET) of 100% by 2030.

The 2022 Sustainability Action Plan(PDF, 2MB) was endorsed in October 2021 by Council.