Four senior people looking at smart phone

Active Ageing is making the most of your opportunities to age well. This includes staying healthy, being connected to your community and enjoying a quality of life that includes respect from others and a strong sense of purpose.

Hunter’s Hill Council is committed to supporting our residents to age well and will be working towards becoming an age-friendly municipality as guided by the World Health Organisation (WHO) Age-Friendly City Program.

An age-friendly community is health promoting and designed for diversity, inclusion, and cohesion, including across all ages and capacities. Age-friendly communities might have, for example, accessible and safe road and transport infrastructure, barrier-free access to buildings and houses, and public seating and sanitary facilities, among others. Age-friendly communities also enable people to stay active, keep connected, and contribute to the community’s economic, social, and cultural life. An age-friendly community can foster solidarity among generations, facilitating social relationships between residents of all ages. Age-friendly communities also have mechanisms to reach out to older people at risk of social isolation, falls or violence through personalised and tailored efforts.

We have information available on a wide range of activities and events for seniors. Whether it is an exercise group, a social club or a computer class there are activities to suit various interests and abilities. Council works closely with community organisations to support these activities.

Council has information on services for older people and their carers, to assist them to remain living independently in their own homes. Information on transport, meals, home maintenance and a range of other options is available along with information on local accommodation options.