Mini-Skip Bin

All building waste containers or skips are to be located on private property, unless there are specific circumstances that require it to be placed on the road, in which case you require Cat all times unless approval is granted by Council due to exception circumstances, where it is not possible to locate containers on private property. 

Council reserves the right to order the removal of any building waste container or skip, despite any approval granted, if the container or any activity associated with it causes a nuisance or creates a danger. It is the supplier or hirers responsibility for the removal of any waste deposited in or around the building waste container or skip. 


Step 1.Prepare Documents

The individuals or companies supplying the containers or skips, or the hirers must accept liability for any damage that may be caused to footpaths, kerbs and gutter, landscaping services in the placement or removal of containers or skips.

To apply for a stand plant permit you must provide:

  • Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency (minimum $20,000,000 with an endorsement of Hunter's Hill Council as an interested party).

Step 2.Select Date

Skip bin permit fee is $429.50 per week (minimum one week).

Applications must be submitted a minimum of seven business days prior to the desired date.

Step 3.Apply and Pay

Apply Now

Step 4.Receive Your Permit

Council staff will email you a copy of your permit once it has been approved.  

All building waste container or skip placed on the roadway or footway section of any road must have the following displayed at all times:

  1. name and contact details of the supplier
  2. battery operated yellow flashing lights mounted on the rear panel, so that the lights are visible to oncoming traffic behind the container or skip
  3. safety barriers, reflective tape and cones surrounding the building waste container/skip at all times to make it visible to vehicles and pedestrians.