Approval is required under Section 138 of the Roads Act 1993 ,for any work between your property boundary and the kerb and gutter or road.

Driveway and ancillary works approval is required for: 

  • construction of a new driveway crossover
  • construction of new footpaths or kerb and gutter within property frontage
  • extension or widening of existing driveway crossover
  • removal of existing driveway crossover and kerb invert
  • repair or replacement of an existing driveway crossover
  • repair or reconstruction of footpath or kerb and gutter within property frontage.

If you intend to construct extend an existing or new hard-stand car space, or if you with this construct a carport over within the front setback area of your property, then you require a development application (DA) first.

Approval issued as part of a DA or complying development certificate does not guarantee approval, as these approvals only cover works within the property boundary and does not extend to road reserves.

Council has a two step approval process, location approval and construction approval.