Planning Controls

Council has a number of plans, policies and strategies that help shape future development within the Hunters Hill local government area. These documents are outlined below.

Development Control Plan (DCP)

The Hunters Hill Development Control Plan includes detailed controls for all development within the local government area. It came into effect on 12 August 2013.

In addition to this document, in November 2015 Council replaced Chapter 4.4 of the DCP with a new Chapter 4.4 – Gladesville Village Centre (Locality Specific Provisions) which has a completely different look and feel and which incorporated findings of the Future Gladesville project.

Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013(PDF, 6MB)

Chapter 4.4 – Gladesville Village Centre(PDF, 3MB) 

Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

The Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2012 is the primary document that provides Council’s planning objectives and controls.

View the Hunters Hill LEP 2012 and the associated maps on the NSW Legislation website at the links below:

Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012

Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012 Maps

Variations to Development Standards Clause 4.6 Register

The Hunters Hill Local Environment Plan 2012 (RLEP 2012) sets out development standards for each zone in the local government area.

Under the HHLEP 2012 Council is allowed some flexibility when applying planning controls to certain developments, and maintains a register of these variations to then be submitted quarterly to the Department of Planning. It is important to note that these developments whilst they may not meet certain development standards are achieving strict planning objectives set by Council.

The register of variations to development standards, applied to development applications within the LGA is publicly available on our website.

s7.12 Development Contribution Plan

To assist the Council to maintain and improve the standard of its community infrastructure some development applications, construction certificates and complying development certificates are charged a fee if the total cost of works exceed a certain amount.

In order to administer this fee Council has prepared a developer contributions scheme under Section 7.12 (formally S94A) of the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

Section 7.12 Contribution Plan(PDF, 1MB).

Contribution plans are designed to collect contributions from new development, including residential development, to improve and expand open space and recreation facilities throughout Hunter’s Hill Council.  The maximum contribution that may be levied is 1% of the development cost. The levy will be applied to all types of development with a cost over $100,000. 

It is important that new development contributes to local infrastructure provision in the area, for the community’s overall benefit and enjoyment. It is also important that the community participate in the preparation of the plan through its public exhibition to understand the local infrastructure works Council would spend the development contributions on over the next five years.