Recruitment Process

Job Interview

The recruitment process may vary for some roles, but typically applications are reviewed to find the top applicants according to their ability to meet the selection criteria.

If selected, you’ll be invited to an interview where a panel will access your skills, qualifications, experience, abilities and the qualities relevant to the position you have applied for.

The shortlisting process usually takes up to two weeks from the closing date of the position, however, if there is a larger than expected number of applicants, this process may take longer.

If you are invited for an interview you will be asked a set of pre-determined job-related questions to determine how well you meet the selection criteria. The Selection Panel may also utilise a number of other selection techniques, such as:

  • Case studies – where you are required to read some information and then respond in a set format, for example, responding to a letter from a customer or resident.
  • Presentations - Where you are given a relevant topic and asked to present information to the Selection Panel.
  • Role plays - Where the applicant is required to demonstrate how they would respond to a particular situation, for example, managing a difficult customer.
  • Examination of work samples - Where the applicant brings along samples of work from previous positions.
  • Aptitude and ability testing - Where the applicant demonstrates their typing skills, software skills, numerical skills, etc.

If the Selection Committee intends to utilise a selection technique other than a straight-forward interview, you will be advised of this when contact is made to arrange the interview.

You should bring your resume, qualifications, birth certificate or passport, and current Driver’s License with you to the interview.

  • Council will also do referee checks, and may require a national police check and a pre-employment medical check. If the position you have applied for is child-related employment, you will undergo a Working with Children Check, conducted by the NSW Commission for Children & Young People. All details for a Working With Children Check will be provided to you by Council, if necessary  and Council will facilitate this check.
  • If you are unsuccessful after attending an interview you will be notified as soon as the preferred applicant/s has formally accepted the position/s.

Once all pre-employment checks are completed, the successful applicant/s will be verbally offered the position and any negotiable conditions of employment (eg hours/days of work, commencement date, start and finish times, who to report to on day one, etc) discussed.

The successful applicant/s will then be provided with a written letter of offer of employment.