Public Participation

Anyone can attend an Ordinary meeting of Council.

All individuals wishing to attend a Council meeting should familiarise themselves with the responsibilities and expectations outlined in Public Gallery Attendance Protocols(PDF, 45KB)

Addressing a Council meeting

A member of the public can request to address a Council meeting about an item on the Agenda. Council also accepts written submissions which will be read out by a Council staff member. 

All persons wishing to address a meeting must submit their request before 12.00pm on the day of the meeting. 

Request to Address Council

Each speakers has a limit of three minutes, which can be extended by a resolution of Councils. Speakers are only permitted to speak on items on the agenda, an application or a matter that is before Council for consideration or determination. 

Additional information regarding representations by members of the public is available in Council's Code of Meeting Practice.(PDF, 2MB)


Please be aware that: 

  • members of the public who are addressing a meeting either in person or via audio-visual link consent to the broadcasting, recording and storage of their image, voice and statements made during proceedings
  • the recording of all Ordinary Council meetings is made publicly available on Council’s website for at least four years and will be made available on application beyond that time
  • the name of all speakers is recorded in Council meeting minutes which are publicly available State Archives
  • the name, address and content of address will be shared with the Mayor and all Councillors 
  • Council accepts no responsibility for comments made by members of the public.