Food Businesses

Most food businesses that produce or handle food for sale must notify council before conducting any business. This includes the following common types of food businesses:

  • Café, restaurant or takeaway
  • Childcare providing food
  • School canteen
  • Grocery store or supermarket
  • Mobile food outlet
  • Manufacturer, distributor or caterer that sells direct to the final consumer
  • Seafood retailer

Council must also be notified of any change of details for the food business.

Further information is available on the NSW Food Authority website

Notify of Food Business Details

Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

A mobile food vending vehicle is any means of transport that is moved from place to place and used to sell food. It includes vehicles that are used to prepare food on-site (eg. food truck selling burgers) and vehicles that are used for the sale of pre-prepared or pre-packed food (eg. ice cream van).

Approval Required

Approval is required to operate a mobile food vending vehicle within the Municipality. This includes on-street vending (eg. parked on the side of the road) and off-street vending (eg. setup for an event or function in a carpark).

Inspection of Mobile Food Vending Vehicles

A person using a mobile food vending vehicle to store, prepare or sell food for human consumption is operating a food business under the Food Act 2003. Food safety inspections of mobile food vending vehicles are conducted by the council where the vehicle is regularly garaged.

If your mobile food vending vehicle is regularly garaged within the Municipality, please contact customer service on 9879 9400 to arrange for an inspection. If your mobile food vending vehicle is regularly garaged outside of the Municipality, a copy of the most recent food safety inspection from your local council must be submitted with the application to operate.

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Outdoor Dining Permits

If you are interested in arranging for your business to have outdoor dining (i.e. seated dining within an outdoor/public place), you will require approval from Council.

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