Lane Cove River

Lane Cove River

The Coastal Zone Management Plan (CZMP) has been prepared in line with the requirements set out in the NSW Government ‘Guidelines for Preparation of Coastal Zone Management Plans 2010’.

The plan will help to achieve catchment management actions and targets across the entire spectrum of biodiversity, water, land and community issues and has the following aims:

  • Water Quality – To optimise water quality within the Lane Cove River estuary and its tributaries.
  • Climate Change – To plan for and adapt to the potential impacts of climate change on the natural and built environments of the estuary.
  • Aquatic and Riparian habitat – To protect, enhance and restore aquatic habitats and foreshore vegetation.
  • Foreshore Protection – To manage existing built foreshore assets while maximising environmental values and minimise negative impacts of development on the catchment and waterway health.
  • Estuary Health Monitoring and Evaluation – To develop and support coordinated monitoring, reporting and evaluation programs for the Lane Cove River estuary.

The Lane Cove River estuary is the tidal part of the river between the weir at Lane Cove National Park and the mouth of the river between Greenwich Point and Woolwich. The estuary is highly valued as it preserves remnant bushland of significant ecological value and also acts as a resource for a variety of recreational pursuits.

There are a total of four local Councils having foreshore frontage to the river, State Government agencies and non-government organisations that play a role in management of the estuary.

Lane Cover River Coastal Zone Management Plan(PDF, 5MB)

Lane Cove River Coastal Zone Management Plan Maps
(PDF, 10MB)