Le Vésinet

Le Vesinet

Friendship Pact


Early French settlers, including the Joubert brothers and Gabriel de Milhau, were influential in gaining the proclamation of Hunters Hill as a separate Borough in 1861 and at that time it was already known as the ‘French Village’.

In 1988 the French Government gave Friendship Pacts to 3 Australian Communities, with the Municipality of Hunters Hill honoured to be one of them.

Le Vésinet was chosen as a similar town to Hunters Hill, a municipality 20 kilometres west of Paris, of a similar size, character and history. Much like Hunters Hill, Le Vésinet has beautiful houses, parks, a close proximity to water and a great community spirit.

In 2023, Councillor Williams and Councillor Quinn visited Le Vésinet to celebrate the  35th Anniversary of the Friendship pact.

Many members of the Hunters Hill community have visited Le Vésinet over the years and have enjoyed their warm hospitality.

Student Exchange

In 1991, as part of the Hunters Hill-Le Vésinet relationship, the first delegation of students arrived from France to experience Australian life. 

Each year Australian students travel to Le Vésinet, during their Christmas holidays and spend 6 weeks in a family with a boy or girl of the same age. They are often taken away on holiday, experience Christmas in France, attend their brother of sister´s school and are taken on wonderful excursions by the members of the Le Vésinet committee.

The following July and August, the same French brothers and sisters come to Sydney and stay with their families. They spend 2 or 3 weeks on holiday and 3 weeks at local schools. The Hunters Hill committee organise excursions for them, a welcome afternoon tea, hosted by the Mayor of Hunters Hill and a Farewell Dinner.

The organising committees of Hunters Hill and Le Vésinet enjoy a warm and cooperative relationship.

The committee is always looking for suitable host families who have children from 14 to 16 years of age, and studying French at school to join the exchange program. If you would like to become part of this program or be involved with the committee, visit the Hunters Hill - Le Vésinet Friendship Committee website.