The Priory Garden and Bushcare Group

The Priory is a NSW State Heritage Register listed property, rich with historical value and charm. The site hosts beautiful sandstone works, having served multiple uses over the years; historically acting as: a farm; a mental health facility (associated with The Gladesville Mental Hospital); a convent; and a homestead dwelling.

The Priory Bushcare Group focus their efforts on maintaining the terraced garden beds and lawns within the grounds, as well as the stone steps and pathways. It is through these efforts that The Priory, and the surrounding gardens, continue to stand proud and beautiful; a testament to the efforts of the excellent volunteers and to the craftsmanship of the original builders.

The Priory Bushcare Group offers an excellent opportunity to become immersed in and contribute to our local history.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

This Bushcare group meets on the Fourth Tuesday of each month, at 8.00am.