Friends of Buffalo Creek and the Great North Walk

Our Buffalo Creek site is connected to the Field of Mars Educational Centre and the gorgeous Lane Cove National Park. The presence of shallow waters within the wetland and estuary areas, when paired with the narrow foreshore bushland, make this location a highly significant nature corridor, hosting a colourful variety of both aquatic and terrestrial birds, as well as the occasional wallaby or echidna.

The Friends of Buffalo Creek and the Great North Walk are a welcoming group with diverse experience. Their work involves identifying and eradicating weeds that are encroaching on the healthy patches of bush, with the ultimate goal of the mass re-establishment of native plant systems. The site is under constant threat from weeds trying to dominate the native species, so the continued efforts of the bushcare community is vital to maintaining the natural balance.

This Bushcare group meets on the third Saturday of each month, at 11.00am.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

If you would like additional information about the group, you can contact (Jacqui - Bushcare Coordinator).