Planning Proposal - Review of Hunters Hill LEP

Published on 07 May 2024

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Council has prepared a Planning Proposal in relation to proposed amendments to the Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012 (LEP). The Planning Proposal does not seek to enact any specific type of development or to rezone land. It seeks to amend anomalies and errors, improve the ability to interpret the LEP and facilitate the protection and enhancement of the environment, character and heritage of the Municipality.

This LEP amendment is being progressed concurrently with a review of the Hunters Hill Development Control Plan 2013 (DCP). This DCP review would seek to simplify the structure of the DCP, rectify anomalies within the document and better reflect and support the provisions of the LEP and relevant NSW Government legislation, guidelines and policies.

At its Ordinary Meeting of 29 Apr 2024 Council Resolved:

1.   That Council supports the recommendations set out below:

(A) Forward the Planning Proposal included as Attachment 1 of this report to the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure seeking a Gateway Determination in accordance with section 3.34 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 to amend Hunters Hill Local Environmental Plan 2012.

(B) Subject to (A) above, advise the Department of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure that Council will be seeking to be authorised as the Local Plan Making Authority.

(C) Subject to (A) above, Council endorse for public exhibition the Planning Proposal as outlined in (A).

(D) Note that following public exhibition, the Planning Proposal would be reported back to Council detailing the outcome of the public exhibition period at which time Council may resolve:

(1)   To proceed with the Planning Proposal as exhibited.

(2)   To proceed with amended controls in the Planning Proposal to that exhibited.

(3)   To not proceed with the Planning Proposal.

(E)  Delegate authority to the General Manager to make amendments to the Planning Proposal that:

(1)   Are minor and do not alter the intent of the Planning Proposal; or

(2)   Are required in order to comply with the Gateway Determination.

Council will now refer the Planning Proposal to the NSW Government seeking a Gateway Determination (approval to proceed to the next stage in the planning proposal process). 

Council intends to undertake additional formal community consultation in relation to the LEP and DCP review following a Gateway Determination being issued, in accordance with any relevant conditions of the Gateway Determination. 

Council will continue to keep the community informed at the key stages in this process. 

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