Tarban Creek Bridge Bushcare Group

Our bushcare volunteers have been steadily working towards creating a nature corridor which would link existing corridors, between Tarban Creek and Riverglade Reserve, to those within the nearby Betts Park. Their efforts are concentrated on re-introducing native plant species and removing invasive weeds. The selfless efforts of our volunteers in maintaining these areas are most certainly paying dividends, as a group of Superb Fairy-Wrens have been spotted nesting amongst the new plantings!

Joining in with the Tarban Creek Bridge Bushcare Group is an excellent way to learn about the possibilities of utilising difficult and unexpected areas, especially around existing infrastructure (such as bridges), to create thriving habitats for native plants and wildlife.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

The Tarban Creek Bridge Bushcare Group meets on the third Wednesday of each month, usually around at 3.00pm.