Friends of Betts Park and Gladesville Reserve

Gladesville Reserve and Betts Park are adjoining spaces on the northern foreshore of the Parramatta River. Together they form a nature corridor with a troubled past full of dumped rubbish and heavy weed infestations. In around 2004, a local resident (Mr John Anshau) took it upon himself to remove as many invasive weeds as he could and, through his inspiring efforts, the Friends of Betts Park and Gladesville Reserve Bushcare Group was born.

This cheery and dedicated group work diligently to monitor and maintain the areas that have been previously cleared of weeds, as well as undertaking replanting of valuable native species. The efforts of this group continue to show excellent progress. The site presents a grand opportunity to get involved in the rehabilitation of a critical nature corridor, allowing you to learn about increasing plant diversity and the associated wildlife communities.

This Bushcare group meets on the third Saturday of each month, at 9.00am.

Become a Bushcare Volunteer

If you would like to learn more about the group, you can contact: (Jacqui - Bushcare Coordinator).