Tarban Creek Reserve

Enclosed Small Dog Park

We are seeking community feedback on a draft concept plan for a proposed enclosed off-leash small dog park in Tarban Creek Reserve.

Our Council has received grant funding for this project from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment.

As Tarban Creek Reserve is presently used for exercise, dog walking and passive recreation, it has been identified as an area with potential capacity to create an enclosed, safe space for dogs and their owners to exercise and socialise.

This follows feedback received from our community during the development of the Riverglade Reserve Plan of Management that identified the need for an enclosed off-leash dog area.

An enclosed off-leash area would include facilities such as: fencing, seating, dog waste bins and natural shaded areas. No trees would be removed.

View the draft concept plan and find answers to frequently asked questions below.

To provide feedback on the plan, please email: customerservice@huntershill.nsw.gov.au with ‘Tarban Creek Reserve small dog park’ in the subject line.

Please provide feedback by 12pm, Monday 5 September.

For further enquiries, please phone 9879 9400.

Draft Concept Plan

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A grant of $218,000 has been received from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment under the Greater Sydney Crown Lands Open Space Activation Program.

Council will be responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the park.

Community engagement about the proposed dog park will take place from July – September 2022.

Feedback received will be presented to Council and determine if any modifications/changes need to be made.

The concept of an enclosed small dog off-leash park was considered during the development of the Riverglade Reserve Plan of Management.

However, the existing dog off-leash area in Riverglade Reserve, which is a shared space with community sport, was deemed not suitable.

In early 2022, Council was invited to apply for the Greater Sydney Crown Lands Open Space Activation Program (Greater Sydney Crown Land Open Spaces Activation Program – Crown land in New South Wales (nsw.gov.au)).

Under the grant guidelines Council was encouraged to increase the amount of Crown land used for recreational purposes and enhance community use and experience of Crown land.

Therefore, to further activate Tarban Creek Reserve, the concept of an enclosed small dog park was developed.

The original site of the proposed dog park was on the Manning Road, southern side of Tarban Creek.

However, as this area is used regularly as a pedestrian thoroughfare through to Riverglade Reserve, the northern side section of Tarban Creek near Gladesville Road and Reserve Street was considered more suitable.

This site is also an enhancement of what is already a dedicated off-leash dog park.

Under the grant guidelines the proposed dog park can only be moved within the same Crown Reserve.

The Australian Companion Animal Council outlines the benefits of dog ownership, which include ‘proven physical, psychological and health benefits’.

In addition, the Companion Animal Act makes it a duty for councils to provide ‘off-leash’ areas for the exercise of dogs.

Enclosed small dog parks also offer the following benefits:

  • A space for your dog to play and exercise with similar size breeds.
  • A reduction in the risk of your dog running away or running onto local roads.
  • A place for dogs and owners/carers to socialise with each other.
  • Opportunities for greater social interaction.
  • A place to meet/gather on a regular basis.
  • A designated area for dogs to exercise particularly if people don’t have access to a backyard.

Council will undertake a parking strategy to understand parking and traffic impacts on property owners.

On an initial trial basis, the proposed hours will be from 7am – 7pm.

These hours may vary depending on community feedback.

The draft concept design plan for the dog park does not include the removal of any trees.

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