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We offer the ability to receive your Council Rate Notices by email. If you would like to opens in a new windowsign up for eRates, then we will email you a link to your Rate Notice instead of sending it to you by postal mail. We encourage our ratepayers to sign up and help reduce our impact on the environment.

Bpay allows you the opportunity to pay your rates over the phone or Internet from your cheque, savings, MasterCard or Visa account.

You will be issued a receipt number for your payment by your financial institution.

To learn more about BPAY click the link below or contact your participating financial institution.

Further information is available from the opens in a new windowBPAY website

Online rates payment using BPAY




BPay code 28050
Council Rates


BPOINTBPOINT gives you the opportunity to pay your Rates online from your MasterCard or Visa credit card. You don’t need to arrange anything with your bank, just enter your credit card details, the BPOINT Reference number (from your Rate Notice) and how much you want to pay. Its similar to what you might do when performing online shopping or making a purchase online.

BPOINT will provide you with a receipt number that you can print. BPOINT can also email you a copy of the receipt if you provide your email address.

Please note that a Credit Card Surcharge applies for the use of BPOINT. BPOINT will clearly show you the value of the surcharge and the total amount you will be paying.

opens in a new windowBPOINT Internet payment gateway

Online Council Rates – this service attracts a credit card surcharge

Council has a opens in a new windowHardship Policy in place if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Applications under the policy can be made by either opens in a new windowindividuals or opens in a new windowbusinesses.

Certain pensioners may be eligible for a concession on Council Rates by the submission of a completed opens in a new windowPensioner Concession Application and supporting documentation.

To become an eligible pensioner you must be liable for the rates and charges on a property.

This property will need to be your sole or principal residence, and you must have a current pensioner concession card.

A valid pensioner concession card will need to be issued by either Centrelink or under the following circumstances by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs:

  • you are a widow or widower of a member of the Australian Defence or Peacekeeping Forces, or
  • you are the unmarried mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or
  • you are a widowed mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or
  • you are a TPI under the Veterans” Entitlement Act, 1986, or
  • you receive a general rate of pension adjusted for extreme disablement under section 22 (4) of the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 of the Commonwealth, or a special rate of pension under section 24 of that Act.

Please Note:

If you start receiving a pension after the commencement of a quarterly billing period and you meet the above conditions, you can claim a rebate from the start of the next quarterly billing period.

If you cease to qualify as an eligible pensioner, you will not be entitled to receive a rebate after the end of the quarterly billing period in which you ceased to be eligible. Therefore, if you were granted a pensioner rebate in advance that you are no longer entitled to, it will be charged back to your rate account for the period pertaining to your ineligibility.

Please contact the Council on 9879 9435 immediately if your eligibility changes.

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