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Council rates are fees levied on the unimproved land value of each parcel of land in the Council area.

These funds go toward providing many essential services to the local area. The majority of Council’s revenue comes from the levying of Rates and Charges.

Land values and council rates fact sheet – this sheet is produced by the Valuer General.

Rates for the financial year 2022/2023.

Rate DescriptionRate in $Rate in $Minimum or Base Amount
Ordinary Rates2022/232023/24
Business0.00102607$86.260.00094191$94.23Base Amount
Strata Unit Residential0.0011575$690.900.00090479$754.72Minimum
Strata Unit Business0.00102607$86.260.00094191$94.23Base Amount
Mixed Residential0.00102607$690.900.00090479$754.72Minimum
Mixed Business0.00102607$86.260.00094191$94.23Base Amount
Mixed Residential Strata Unit0.00102607$690.900.00090479$754.72Minimum
Mixed Business Strata Unit0.0011575$86.260.00094191$94.23Base Amount
Business Maritime Lease0.00102607$86.260.00094191$94.23Base Amount

Special Rates for the financial year 2022/2023.

Rate DescriptionRate in $Rate in $Minimum or Base or Ad Valorem Amount
Special Rates
Community Facilities - Residential 0.00003599$24.020.00002833$26.24Base Amount
Community Facilities - Business0.00003599$24.020.00002833$26.24Base Amount

Income raised from the levy of the special rates is expended specifically for that purpose only.

Environmental Levy

This Special Rate will provide funding for $1.8M of environmental works over 10 years commencing 1/7/2013, and is also applicable to all rateable properties.

Other Infrastructure Special Rate

Other Infrastructure Special Rate (commenced on 01/07/2013 for a period of 10 years). This special rate will provide Council with $2.5M to undertake the foothpath, kerb and gutter renewal program.

Community Facilities Special Rate

The Community Facilities Special Rate commenced on 01/07/2019.

This special rate will be used to fund a 10 year program of community facilities, which will include upgrades, improvements and new infrastructure to our community buildings, parks, reserves and playgrounds.

Some specific projects will include:

  • External upgrades and maintenance to Hunters Hill Pre School, Riverside Pre School and Gladesville Occasional Care.
  • Painting, air conditioning maintenance and upgrades to Henley Community Centre, Gladesville Rd Community Centre, Respite Care.
  • Improvements to Riverglade Reserve, including the amenities block and sports fields.
  • Upgrades to playgrounds throughout the LGA.

Waste Charges for the financial year 2023/2024.

Waste Charges2022/23 Excluding GST2023/24 Excluding GSTGST Applies Y/N
Domestic Waste Service for full services including Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Bin and 4 x 3m3 Household kerbside collections per financial year
Waste – 80L Bin$410.00 $427.22N
Waste – 120L Bin$599.63$624.81N
Waste – 120L Bin 2 Shared (Units Only) $302.38$315.08N
Waste – 240L Bin$871.25$907.84N
Waste – 240L Bin 2 Shared (Units Only)$435.63$453.93N
Waste – 240L Bin 3 Shared (Units Only)$292.13$304.40N
Domestic Waste Service for other services
Waste – Availability Charge (Vacant Land)$123.00$128.17N
Extra Green Waste Service for 240L only$164.00$170.89N
Extra Blue or Yellow Recycling Service for 120L or 240L$164.00$170.89N
Commercial Waste Service for full services including Red, Blue and Yellow Bin
Waste – 120L Bin & Street Bin Service$1,050.63$1,094.76N
Waste – 240L Bin & Street Bin Service$1,317.13$1,372.45 N
Waste – 120L Bin (Additional full Service)$558.63$582.09N
Waste – 240L Bin (Additional full Service)$789.25$822.40N
Commercial Waste Service for other services
Waste for Street Bin Service only$481.75$501.98N
Green Waste Service for 240L only$164.00$170.89N
Extra Blue or Yellow Recycling Service for 120L or 240L$164.00$170.89 N


Sundry Waste Related Items

Item2022/23 inc GST2023/24 inc GST
Replacement bin$159$166
On-demand clean up service per m3$123$135.50

Section 514 of the Local Government Act 1993, requires all rateable land to be placed in one of the following categories – Residential, Business, Farmland or Mining. However, when a property is legally used for both residential and business purposes an application can be made to Council who in turn will make application to the Valuer General’s Department for mixed development factors.

If you are dissatisfied with the category Council has assigned to your property you may at any time lodge an appeal with council to have the category changed. This will need to be done by writing a letter to Council outlining the circumstances in regard to the change of rating category. Section 526 also provides the right of appeal against a Council decision to the Land and Environment Court with 30 days of Council’s declaration.

Application form to change land category

Rates instalments not paid in full by the due date will be subject to daily interest as in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 1993 at the interest rate approved by the Minister for Local Government annually.

Overdue rates may also be subject to recovery proceedings by Council & may incur recovery costs. Should you be having difficulty paying your rates by the due date please contact Council’s Rates Department.

If the mailing address is different to that which is listed on your rates notice please contact Council’s Rates Department in writing as soon as possible.

Notification may be made by fax, post, email or in person at Council’s offices we cannot however accept change of address by phone.

Change of Address form

The land values assigned for rating purposes are supplied by the Valuer General’s Office. These valuations are made every 3 years (approximately).

Appeals Against Land Valuations

Any objections or appeals regarding the valuation of the land value must be directed to the Valuer General of New South Wales. Whether or not an objection is pending, the rates levied must be paid by the due date indicated on the front of your Rate Notice.

Land Exempt from Rates

Certain land is exempt from rating (referred to as “Non-Rateable Land”).

In order to be eligible for exemption from rating (Non-Rateable Land) your parcel of land must be one of the following categories, as stipulated in the Local Government Act, 1993, they include;

  • Churches
  • Minister’s residences
  • Schools
  • Public Land
  • Hospitals
  • Land owned and used by Public Charities and certain other land as provided in the provisions of the section 555 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

You may apply to have your property exempt from rating, or appeal Council’s decision, in the Land and Environment Court.

Further information regarding non-rateable land may be obtained from the Council’s Rates Department on (02) 9879 9435.

Pensioner Concession

To become an eligible pensioner you must be liable for the rates and charges on a property.

This property will need to be your sole or principal residence, and you must have a current pensioner concession card.

A valid pensioner concession card will need to be issued by either Centrelink or under the following circumstances by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs:

  • you are a widow or widower of a member of the Australian Defence or Peacekeeping Forces, or
  • you are the unmarried mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or
  • you are a widowed mother of a deceased unmarried member of either of those forces, or
  • you are a TPI under the Veterans” Entitlement Act, 1986, or
  • you receive a general rate of pension adjusted for extreme disablement under section 22 (4) of the Veterans’ Entitlement Act 1986 of the Commonwealth, or a special rate of pension under section 24 of that Act.


Please Note:

If you start receiving a pension after the commencement of a quarterly billing period and you meet the above conditions, you can claim a rebate from the start of the next quarterly billing period.

If you cease to qualify as an eligible pensioner, you will not be entitled to receive a rebate after the end of the quarterly billing period in which you ceased to be eligible. Therefore, if you were granted a pensioner rebate in advance that you are no longer entitled to, it will be charged back to your rate account for the period pertaining to your ineligibility.

Please contact the Council on 9879 9435 immediately if your eligibility changes.

Applications may be made in person at Council’s Offices in Town Hall 22 Alexandra St Hunters Hill. Councils officers will need to sight your Pensioner Concession Card so please have it with you.

Solicitors, real estate agents and members of the public may make an application for a certificate accompanied by the approved fee.


There is a statutory fee of $95.00 for 2023/24 financial year, payable for each Section 603 certificate. GST is not applicable.

Processing Time and Ordering

The certificate may be ordered through the mail or at Council’s front counter.

The usual processing time for a Section 603 certificate is 2-3 working days from the date of payment and receipt.

An application for a 603 certificate is available in the Rates Forms Section or by following the link below.

Taxation considerations

For every property transaction you make, you need to think about tax implications. To help you to determine property related GST obligations, refer to the GST and Property Guide on the Australian Taxation Office website.

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