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Damage of trees including vandalism and poisoning is an offence in the Municipality of Hunters Hill.

The Local Government Act 1993 and The Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 have penalties in place for any unnecessary damage or disturbance of trees or vegetation. Penalties range from fines to orders to remediate and pay for replacement vegetation and maintenance.

Offenders found guilty in the Land and Environment Court can be fined up to $1.1million and have a criminal record. Council can also issue on-the-spot fines of up to $3000.

Tree management and preservation in Hunters Hill including pruning or removal is governed by the Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013 (DCP)

The trees in Hunters Hill belong to the community. When trees are poisoned or damaged for water views the community loses from such acts of vandalism as the cost of replacement and remediation are all funded from rates.

What to do if you witness Tree Vandalism

  • Record the location
  • Record the address
  • Record the vehicle details
  • If possible take a photo of the person/s
  • Call Hunter’s Hill Council
  • Or call Gladesville Police on 9879 969

For more information please contact Hunter’s Hill Council on 9879 9400 or email

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