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In Hunters Hill LGA you must apply for permission to prune or remove a tree that is listed as “prescribed vegetation, in accordance with the State Environmental Planning Policy (Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017 and Hunters Hill Consolidated Development Control Plan 2013.

If you wish to alter any “Prescribed Vegetation” you must apply for a Development Application via the NSW Planning Portal.

You will need a development application if it includes:

You will need to supply:

When is a Development Application not required?

The vegetation listed here is not prescribed.

Vegetation that is not prescribed does not require a Development Application or a Tree Permit to prune, lop, cut down or remove.

In all other instances a tree permit is required for management of “Prescribed Vegetation.”

For further assistance please contact Customer Service on 9879 9400 or

What if I have concerns about a neighbour’s tree or other plants?

Council does not have the authority to act in disputes between neighbours. It is always best to talk to your neighbours first about any issues regarding trees and hedges including bamboo. If your neighbour does not agree to remove or prune a tree or hedge, you can contact the Community Justice Centre for mediation assistance.

If your neighbour’s tree or hedge is damaging your property and the mediation process proves unsuccessful, you may need to seek intervention of the court through the Trees (Disputes Between Neighbours) Act 2006, which is administrated by the Land and Environment Court of NSW. This is the only authority that can resolve tree disputes between neighbours. Please refer to the following link for more information Click Here.

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