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Yellow Edge Lines

What do they mean?

Council is using unbroken yellow edge lines on the side of roads to indicate ‘No Stopping’ zones. This means a driver must not stop at the side of a road marked with a continuous yellow edge line. These areas need to be kept clear so drivers and pedestrians have a clear view of each other and road safety is maintained.

Police and council parking officers can enforce this road rule, without any other road signs or indications required.

View Rule 169 of the Road Rules 2014 (No Stopping on a road with a yellow edge line) and all road rules on Road and Maritime Services website.

View NSW Road Rules 2014 


Nature Strip and Rolled Kerbs

Nature strip

As a general rule, parking is not allowed on nature strips.

Footpath and Driveways


A driver must not stop on a footpath. This blocks pedestrians and other footpath areas as well as sight lines for vehicles using the roadway.


A driver must not park on or across (or partially across) a driveway blocking access to pedestrians and other vehicles. However, a driver may stop if they are dropping off or picking up passengers as long as the driver is not obstructing other vehicles, does not leave the vehicle and the dropping off or picking up of the passenger is done within 2 minutes of stopping.

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