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Parking Permit Conditions of Use

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A Resident Parking Permit entitles you to unlimited parking in the Clarkes Point Reserve and Buffalo Creek Reserve.

  • Most registered vehicles are eligible for a Resident Parking Permit.
  • In the event of the disposal/sale of the nominated vehicle, the permit must be returned to Hunters Hill Council immediately.
  • Permits are non-transferrable and can only be used on the nominated vehicle.
  • The issuing of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space to the holder.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to renew the permit upon change of vehicle registration.
  • Permits are not available for light registered trailers e.g. box, caravan and boat trailers.
  • Permits can only be issued to registered motor vehicles less 4.5 tonnes.
  • Mobile advertising billboards are not eligible.
  • Permit holders must display a printed meter ticket on the front dashboard of the vehicle above any tint.
  • This meter ticket must display the same registration number as the vehicle.

The following constitute an offence in a permit parking space or area

  • Fraudulent use of permits.
  • Use of defaced or altered permits.
  • Not displaying a Resident Permit meter ticket able to be seen clearly.
  • Use of an expired permit.
  • Use of a permit not applicable to the vehicle.

The permit may be revoked or confiscated by members of the Police Service or by an Authorised Council Officer should there be any breach of these conditions.

Confiscated permits will not be returned and a replacement will not be reissued.

A new application may be made after the expiry of the confiscated permit, but all documentation would have to be provided.

Council may withdraw permits at its discretion.

Permits do not provide any right to park a vehicle contrary to the Australian Road Rules (e.g. parking in Disabled Parking areas, without payment in commercial parking areas) or parking in Special Event Clearways).


The personal information supplied on this form is required in order to provide the service requested. It will be used by Council staff and stored in our record system for only as long as necessary. During this time it can be accessed and amended by you. We will only give your information to a third party with your consent or if we are required to do so by legislation.

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