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If you are planning to undertake works between your property boundary and the kerb and gutter or road (Council land), then you must seek approval from Council under Section 138 of the Roads Act, 1993.

The following process applies to all driveway and ancillary works proposals, and may be categorised as:

  1. Part of a Development Application (DA)
  2. Complying Development Certificate (CDC)
  3. New driveway construction or
  4. Replacement/removal of an existing driveway.

Where the driveway and ancillary works form part of a DA, the issuing of Development Consent does not guarantee automatic approval of the proposed driveway or ancillary works in the road reserve. Approval granted under a DA is for the applicants proposed works within the property boundary only and does not extend to works in the road reserve. Separate approval is required for works exterior of the property boundary, irrespective of proposed exterior works being indicated on the approved DA plans.

If you intend to construct a new hardstand car space or extend an existing hardstand car space, and/or hardstand car space with carport over within the front setback area of your property, then you will need development approval from Council first. Please refer to Part 5.3.8 of the Development Control Plan for further information. Details on the development application process can be found on the DA Pre-lodgement  section of our website.

If you are looking to carry out any of the following construction works, you must apply for and obtain Driveway and Ancillary Works approval:

  • Construct new driveway crossover
  • Construct new footpath and/or kerb and gutter within property frontage
  • Extend existing driveway crossover
  • Remove existing driveway crossover and kerb invert
  • Repair/replace an existing driveway crossover
  • Repair or reconstruct kerb and gutter within property frontage
  • Repair or reconstruct footpath within property frontage
  • Widen existing driveway crossover.

Below, you will find FAQs and information on the steps required in order to obtain Driveway and Ancillary Works approval. It is important you read the following steps and information carefully before lodging an application.

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