Draft Property Strategy

UPDATE: At a Council meeting on 26 April 2021 (a continuation of 19 April meeting 4494) the Draft Community Infrastructure Plan (Property Strategy) was received and noted, with the Council resolving to defer it at this time for further revision. The resolution also determined that Council commence the next phase of investigation of options and community consultation on an Arts and Cultural Hub (the former depot site) and the Village Green (Gladesville Rd and Figtree Park site).

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The Draft Property Strategy has been prepared to provide Council and the community with a clear picture of Council’s property portfolio and provide a cohesive strategy on how it should be managed.

Council’s Long Term Financial Plan projects ongoing and increased deficits. This is clearly not sustainable. In order for Council to provide for the needs, wants and aspirations for our community, Council needs to address these projected deficits.

The Draft Property Strategy is one element of Council’s long-term financial plan to reduce the reliance on rates revenue.

Council has a responsibility to ensure that it achieves best value for the community both in terms of social and financial outcomes from its property portfolio. As highlighted in Councils Fit for the Future Improvement Proposal submitted in 2015, Council’s property portfolio will be a key element in the future financial sustainability of the Council.

Council has undertaken many studies over many years at a strategic level and on specific sites and properties. This Draft Property Strategy consolidates these studies, ideas and aspirations and sets out a vision, principles and strategic approach to the management Council’s properties.

A community consultation process undertaken in late 2020 as part of the exhibition and finalisation of the Draft Property Strategy, which was exhibited under the title of Community Infrastructure Plan (CIP). Following community feedback, the document has reverted to its original title of Property Strategy.

Click the links below to view the draft CIP and Draft Property Strategy:

Draft Property Strategy 2021 (consultation edits included)

Draft Community Infrastructure Plan (exhibited last quarter 2020)

Feedback from the consultation period is reflected in the Revised Draft Property Strategy (2021).

Read more below about the proposed vision and opportunities for key precincts.

This is phase one of a multiphase process, which will be the subject of ongoing community consultation as we move from concept to more detailed planning.


The Village Green will be a place where community facilities and services will be centralised and will
provide a renewed focus on activity. This will be a place for all ages, attracting students from nearby
schools, older residents from nearby seniors housing and residents generally from across Hunters Hill.
Residents and visitors will regularly visit the new contemporary library and council administration
centre. The Park will be activated and in use across the day from early morning to evening. The Precinct
will be a vibrant place that contributes to the life of the Hunters Hill community and lifestyle.
The creation of the Precinct will strengthen local economic development.

• Improving and activating Figtree Park
• Providing quality accommodation for community service organisations
• Accommodating Council’s Administration
• Accommodating a contemporary library
• Allowing for income producing commercial space
• Accommodating community meeting space/s
• Resolving access and safety issues along Gladesville Road by reducing the number of driveways
• Accommodating flexible working spaces
• Activating/opening up Figtree Park to encourage greater use and longer stays
• Accommodating a residential component (for downsizing)
• Energising Hunters Hill Village through activation and public art
• Supporting local business activities

The vision for this site is to celebrate the culture and heritage.
The site is already home to Hunters Hill Music Club, art gallery and an expanded Hunters Hill Museum, which will celebrate our heritage.
The performance space will be contemporary and offer a unique experience. The Town Hall already hosts the annual Hunters Hill Art Exhibition and Young in Art, with improved facilities there is an opportunity to expand this offering increasing the utilisation of the Town Hall.

• Improving the amenity to adjoining owners
• Improving amenity and facilities for community groups, e.g. Hunters Hill Music Club
• Retaining the cultural hub of the Town Hall, Council Chambers and Museum while relocating the
administration functions of Council to Hunters Hill Village to boost local economic development
and achieve operational efficiencies, in particular in relation to Library operations
• Using the administration section of the building for commercial leasing/offices
• Developing an arts and cultural precinct which includes an art gallery, museum, offices or
commercial leasing
• Determining whether the existing office accommodation can be retrofitted for future use or
does there need to be consideration of a ‘new’ build?
• Working with other organisations and businesses within the vicinity with an arts and cultural
• Accommodating a residential component for downsizing or retirement living that is in keeping with the surrounding character


The vision for the Henley Precinct will grow organically. Initially, Council will undertake an EOI to determine a variety of short-term mixed uses.
Over the longer term it is anticipated that the precinct will lend itself to services and facilities that support health and lifestyle, such as:
• Increased and improved access to open space
• Improved community and recreational facilities offering contemporary multipurpose spaces.
• New facilities, which will incorporate commercial aspects that will enable revenue raised to be
rolled back into the asset maintenance and renewal of the buildings as well as the broader
precinct of Gladesville Reserve, Betts Park and Henley Community Centre.

• Constructing a synthetic field with a shared sports and community facility
• Improving amenities for sporting activities including storage, change rooms, etc.
• Considering gym/café to service users and local sporting clubs as part of the new amenities
• Relocating the current cricket pitch either elsewhere on the site or subject to agreement
relocate to another site
• Providing a café / restaurant to service visitors to the reserve
• Providing meeting rooms to cater for community groups with associated back of house facilities
such as kitchen and amenities
• Staging produce / craft markets
• Continuing to host a community garden
• Providing infrastructure to enable the staging of outdoor music / cultural events
• Delivering a community playground
• Continuing to lease buildings to the preschool and child care with a potential for increased child
• Upgrading public amenities
• Increasing access to the waterfront
• Considering potential for residential development with a sustainable focus

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