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Information contained on this page is specifically for Personal Trainers.

Personal Trainers include fitness trainers, yoga instructors, tai chi instructors or the like, which would include but not be limited to appropriate cardiovascular and muscular skeletal programs which may include pad training – boxing style.


Please see information below on fees and charges and conditions of use, then complete this registration form.

Personal Fitness Trainer Registration Form (Online) Personal Fitness Trainer Registration Form (PDF)

For enquiries, please email or phone 9879 9400.

The use of a public area for commercial Personal Training must be booked and paid for through Hunter’s Hill Council.  The current Fees and Charges appear below.

Fines will apply if the appropriate bookings and fees are found to be not current.

The basis for fees and charges for Personal Trainers has changed to a time-based weekly fee, rather than a fee based on the number of clients.

GST Applies
Personal trainers 1-10 hours/week – Casual, per week$32.00/week$33.00/weekY
Personal trainers 11-20 hours/week – Casual, per week$64.00/week$66.00/weekY
Personal trainers 1-10 hours/week – Seasonal, per season$570.00/season$587.50/seasonY
Personal trainers 11-20 hours/week – Seasonal, per season$1700.00/season$1,751.00/seasonY


Please Note: Personal Training registrations are only valid for one financial year (from 01 July to 30 June)

I hereby acknowledge and agree to abide by the following conditions in carrying out the Permitted Activities in the nominated Park(s) and council owned or controlled public land in the Hunters Hill (the ‘Premises’).

  1. Due to the size of some parks passive areas, Council may approve more than one personal trainer within the vicinity within the same timeframe.
  2. Permit for Personal Fitness trainers ONLY applies to approved passive areas on Council’s parks.
  3. My registration with Council is not to be regarded as an endorsement of my services and serves only as a licence authorising access to the Premises if approved by Council and on the conditions set out below.
  4. My training sessions and the Permitted Activities will be limited to the normal activities of a personal trainer, fitness trainer, yoga instructor, tai chi instructor or the like which would include but not be limited to appropriate cardiovascular and muscular skeletal programs which may include pad training (boxing style) on the Premises.
  5. I will comply with all reasonable directions of the Council’s Law Enforcement Officer(s) in relation to any actual or potential conflicting between the Permitted Activities and other activities at the Premises and to display evidence of this registration in a prescribed manner.
  6. I will keep and maintain a log book of significant accidents or injuries occurring during training sessions or otherwise in connection with the Permitted Activities on or in the vicinity of the Premises and agree to notify Council within 24 hours of any such incidents.
  7. I shall, prior to commencing and static/grid training session inspect the immediate area to ensure no hazards are evident and take appropriate action to remove those hazards and without undue delay report to Council the hazardous defect or other hazardous matters observed during, before or after, any training session requiring Council’s attention.
  8. I shall not sub-let or assign my rights under this registration.
  9. I shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Council from any claim,  demand or liability for any loss or damage to anything or any injury to our death of any person occurring on or near the Premises, unless caused by the negligence or a willful act or omission of the Council and arising from any negligent act of myself whilst conducting a training session.
  10. I agree to use the Premises at my own risk and releases, to the extent permitted by law the Council, the its employees and agents from any liability or obligation to me (or any person claiming through me) in respect of any accident, damage, loss (including financial loss), death, injury, costs or expenses occurring in, or around the Premises arising by reason of the grant of this registration and licence, or out of or in connection with the use of the Premises by me unless caused by the negligence or willful act or omission of the Council.
  11. I acknowledge that notwithstanding any implication or rule of law to the contrary the Council shall not be liable for any damage or loss I may suffer by the act, default or neglect of any other person or by reason of the Council failing to do something on or to the Premises.
  12. The provisions of clause 7, 8 and 9 above will continue to apply notwithstanding the expiry or earlier termination of this registration.
  13. I will always conduct myself in a proper and orderly manner exercising due care, competence and diligence and be considerate to other uses and adjacent residents, and agree not to create any noise during the training activities which would create a nuisance or unreasonable interference with the amenity of adjacent residential properties.
  14. I am responsible for satisfying all legal occupational health and safety  requirements associated with my use of the Premises and warrant that I have adopted an appropriate Works and Safety Plan to ensure the safety of my clients and members of the public during my use of the Premises.
  15. I accept that Council reserves the right to terminate this registration with reasonable prior notice if in its sole opinion it has determined that I have failed to comply with any reasonable direction of its Law Enforcement Officer(s) or have breached any condition of my registration.
  16. If my registration has been terminated, I can appeal in writing to the General Manager against the determination within 14 days of being issued written notice of the termination of my registration in addition to other remedies I consider warranted. I know that only Trainers with a registration are authorised to train persons on the Premises. Trainers may also consider other action as appropriate.
  17. I acknowledge that priority is given to the use of ovals and playing fields by clubs and schools which hire these facilities.
  18. I will when in doubt as to the availability of a Council facility during wet weather, check Council website for weather forecast.
  19. I am aware that there are underground irrigation systems within Council’s parks, ovals and reserves, and therefore will not penetrate the ground of the Premises with pegs or poles.
  20. I acknowledge when undertaking training that I must have on clear public display the current Council registration.
  21. Should trainers wish to vary training locations from those nominated above they should submit an application form to Council within 7 days. Booking fees apply.
  22. I warrant that I hold public liability insurance cover and agree to provide evidence of the policy to Council.
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