The purpose of the opens in a new windowInvestment Policy is to provide a framework for the investing of Council’s funds at the most favourable rate of interest available to it at the time to maximise returns, whilst having due consideration of risk and security for that investment type and ensuring that its liquidity requirements are being met.

To ensure General Managers and the Responsible Accounting Officers of councils invest surplus funds in a prudent and appropriate manner, it is a requirement for all NSW councils to have an investment policy.

Amendments are proposed to Council’s investment policy, which will provide additional investment income opportunities, whilst still being compliant with the requirements of the Ministerial Investment Order pursuant to section 625 of the Local Government Act 1993.

To make comment on the revised Investment Policy, submissions must be received by 10 November 2020. Please write ‘Exhibition of revised Investment Policy’ in the subject line of your submission and send to: or PO Box 21, Hunters Hill, NSW 2110.

For enquiries, please contact Customer Service on (02) 9879 9400.

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