Financial Reports for period ending 30 June, 2020

In accordance with Section 418 of the Local Government Act, Council’s audited financial reports will be presented at its Ordinary Meeting to be held Monday 9 November, 2020.

In accordance with Section 420 of the Local Government Act 1993, written submissions regarding any aspect of the Statements or Auditor’s Report must be lodged with Council within 7 days following this meeting up to close of business 16 November, 2020.


Summary of the Financial Reports for the Year Ended 30th June, 2020






Income Statement
Total Income from continuing operations 18,396 16,782
Total Expenses from continuing operations 17,100 15,796
Operating result from continuing operations 1,296 986
Net operating result for the year 1,296 986
Net operating result before grants and contributions provided for capital purposes 531 (495)
Balance Sheet
Total Current Assets 24,524 23,648
Total Current Liabilities 7,173 5,751
Total Non Current Assets 223,661 209,342
Total Non Current Liabilities 19 5
Total Equity 240,993 227,234
Other Financial Information
Operating Performance Ratio (%) 3.42% -4.24%
Own Source Operating Revenue Ratio (%) 91.27% 85.22%
Unrestricted Current Ratio 5.06x 8.080x
Debt Service Cover Ratio Na Na
Rates & Annual Charges Outstanding Ratio (%) 3.95% 2.97%
Cash Expense Cover Ratio (time) 3.50mths 18.85mths

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