January 20, 2021

The draft Hunters Hill Local Housing Strategy is a plan for housing Hunters Hill’s population from now until 2041.

It considers population growth, housing needs and trends and situational and environmental constraints presented by the area.

It proposes how local housing needs are to be meet and managed in the right locations with additional housing opportunities, while addressing dwelling targets set by the NSW Government.

Local Housing Strategy Vision

The Municipality of Hunters Hill will have housing that meets the needs of the community. Future housing will provide for a mix of housing types and sizes that are well designed and will continue to provide the amenity and lifestyle valued by residents. New housing will be well planned around established local centres, which offer access to transport, jobs, services and community facilities.

Hunters Hill will retain its predominately low scale urban form whilst enabling housing renewal in identified strategic area. Hunters Hill will continue to encourage housing diversity, housing affordability and housing accessibility whilst prioritising the protection of is significant cultural, built and natural environs and unique garden suburb character.

  • Priority 1 – Plan for additional housing in appropriate locations
  • Priority 2 – Support housing diversity and housing affordability
  • Priority 3 – Protect significant environmental values through sustainable developments and design quality of new developments
  • Priority 4 – Encourage compatibility of new housing with existing character and heritage

The North District Plan has a 2016-2021 (0-5 year) housing target of 150 new dwellings for Hunter’s Hill. Beyond this, for the 6-10 year target is to deliver around 150-200 new dwellings by 2036.

An implementation plan in the draft Hunters Hill Local Housing Strategy outlines the actions required to support the achievement of these targets whilst upholding the need for housing that is well designed, sustainable and provides a greater variety of housing options.

Local housing strategies are required to be prepared by all NSW councils to meet the requirements of the State and regional planning framework.

Council resolved at its 14 December 2020 meeting to place the Strategy on public exhibition following the 2020-21 festive period.


Click here to view the draft Hunters Hill Local Housing Strategy


Submissions on the Strategy must be received by 28 February 2021.  Please write ‘Draft Hunters Hill Local Housing Strategy’ in the subject line of your submission and send to: or PO Box 21, Hunters Hill, NSW 2110.

For enquiries, please contact Customer Service on (02) 9879 9400.

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