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September 17, 2020


Hunters Hill Mayor Ross Williams, Play for All Australia Director & Co-Founder Caroline Ghatt and Gladesville Chamber of Commerce President Max McFarlane at Buffalo Creek Reserve playground.


Hunter’s Hill Council and Gladesville Chamber of Commerce are partnering with social enterprise Play For All Australia in a bid to provide inclusive upgrades to parks across the local government area. The program is focussed on dialling up social inclusion by giving all young children the same opportunity to play, connect and belong in their local community – regardless of their ability.

In conjunction with Hunter’s Hill Council, Play For All Australia is releasing an Expression of Interest to local businesses to help sponsor inclusive playground upgrades to infant swing seats so all children aged 1-5 years can participate in play. It is a unique opportunity that visibly promotes businesses to local community providing a tangible way to show commitment and support for social inclusion. There are only nine sponsorship opportunities available.

Play for All Australia is a for-purpose social enterprise established by Caroline Ghatt and husband Tim Smith. As loving parents to son Marcus, who lived with a significant disability and used a wheelchair, the couple have launched the initiative to generate awareness and galvanise the importance of social inclusion.

“Our son Marcus unexpectedly passed away last April just before his thirteenth birthday,” Caroline said. “To honour the lessons he taught us, we wanted to ensure no family would be left out of their local playground. We came upon a simple yet powerful idea: What if we could ‘play’ inclusion forward and make installing an inclusive swing seat at your local park as simple as playing on one?

“By swapping out the low-back infant swing seat for an Australian-made inclusive high-back version we could give all young children the thing they love – the same opportunity to play.”

Businesses that want to support inclusion within the community can sponsor the installation of a new inclusive, high-back swing at a playground in the Hunters Hill municipality.  In return, they’ll have their name on the back of their sponsored swing seat and be included in a digital marketing and community engagement campaign. They’ll also be provided with a social media toolkit to easily showcase their involvement.

At launch, Play For All Australia will be setting up a tech-enabled inclusive swing seat in one of Hunters Hill’s large community playgrounds that will visibly promote the program both online and in the local community. This tech enabled swing has a built-in counter that will record every swing. The more the community swings on it, the faster they unlock the sponsored inclusive swing seat upgrades across the community. A fun and interactive way to join the cause!

Gladesville Chamber of Commerce President Max McFarlane said it was important for the business sector to be aware of diversity in the community and be inclusive. Sponsoring a swing seat upgrade was one way to do that.

“It’s a great opportunity for business to raise their own profile in a very positive way,” he said.

Hunters Hill Mayor Ross Williams said it was a great partnership that made use of Hunters Hill’s beautiful playgrounds.  “It’s bringing community and business together for a mutual outcome,” he said.


Expressions of Interest are open until October 16 and spaces are limited to nine sponsorships. Interested businesses can find out more by visiting www.playforall.com.au or by emailing hello@playforall.com.au for a brochure.


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