October 12, 2021

Riverfest is the Parramatta River Catchment Group’s (PRCG) annual community event for ‘Our Living River’, celebrating the Parramatta River and surrounding catchment.

In 2021 it runs from 15 to 24 October.

A message from the PRCG, of which Hunter’s Hill Council is a member:

The theme for this year’s Riverfest is ‘Caring for our Catchment’.

With the significant impact that COVID-19 continues to have on our lives, protecting our natural environment has never been more important.

The positive effects of connecting with nature on our health and wellbeing are well-known.

Providing ways for people to care for their local green spaces, waterways and wildlife also encourages a greater sense of purpose and connection with their communities.

If we care for our catchment it will care for us.

This year’s Riverfest will be held from 15-24 October, and offers a wide range of online events for people of all ages, including webinars on different aspects of wildlife and environmental health and management, and tips on swimming in the river and other natural waterways.

There are also several ‘story time’ and activity sessions for families to learn about some of our animal mascots for the river.

See the events program and check the Riverfest page on the Our Living River website regularly for new events as they’re added.

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