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October 9, 2020

Peter Wyatt with son Oliver.

Having experienced the adventures of scouting from a young age himself, Peter Wyatt is now working to keep the tradition alive in our community, guiding local youth through new life experiences and teaching through doing.

His dedication as a Scout Leader at 1st Boronia Scouts has earned him recognition as a Hunters Hill Hero.

Wife Amanda Barnier said Peter became involved as a Scout Leader in support of son Oliver, who has progressed from Joeys to Cubs to Scouts and now Venturers.

“Over the last two years in particular, Peter has been extremely active in developing a program of activities for local boys and girls,” Amanda said.

“In January 2019, he led a large group of Boronia and other Scouts to Australian Jamboree in South Australia for two weeks, travelling each way by bus!

“He has helped to plan multiple camps and weekly activities.

“Recently he was recognised by NSW Scouts in their annual awards and he has just launched a new Venturers Troop at Boronia.

“He volunteers and supports our local Hunters Hill kids whether camping, fundraising, working on the Scout Hall, updating the website or planning new experiences.

“He loves Scouts having been a Scout himself as a boy and young man and works hard to keep the tradition alive in our community.”

Peter said scouting was all about getting kids out and about and doing something different.

“Every week can be a different experience for the kids, from campfire cooking to something that someone older, what we did as kids when we didn’t have TV and internet,” he said.

“It’s just offering them that opportunity to experience different things.

“It does teach them life skills as well.

“Even if it’s simple skills – being able to tie a proper knot, pack a backpack or light a campfire.”

Some members of 1st Boronia Scouts are presently working towards a St Johns First Aid qualification.

Scouting was co-ed and brought children from several different schools together. This in addition to meeting people from other areas on camps provided an opportunity for young people to form new and broadened friendships.

Another major benefit of scouting was teaching kids about responsible risk taking and doing things for themselves – “teaching through doing” as Peter puts it.

For the leaders the rewards were in watching youngsters get over fears, be it through something such as rock climbing or jumping off a wharf into the water.

Peter said he was chuffed to be recognised as a Hunters Hill Hero.

“I certainly don’t do it for the recognition,” he said.

Members of 1st Boronia Scouts outside Town Hall after a 2019 ANZAC Day ceremony. Peter is pictured second from left, with son Oliver first on left.

While a small group, 1st Boronia Scouts had boys and girls from Hunters Hill and Ryde council areas and drew from a wide area of schools.

“We have a good sense of community in Boronia Park,” Peter said.

“It’s a good group of people. It’s not just me, it’s others as well stepping up and stepping forward.

“You do get a lot out of volunteering.”

For more information about 1st Boronia Scouts go to: 1stboroniascouts.org.au

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