March 24, 2020

From checking in on neighbours to creating virtual social networks, communities in Hunters Hill are rallying to support each other in uncertain times.

The municipality is well-known for its tight-knit community spirit.

It is now well-evident in response to the far-reaching COVID-19 global pandemic and in the lead up to national Neighbour Day on March 29.

Auburn Street, Hunters Hill, is one such neighbourhood where connections are already well-established.

Resident Kate Gardiner said many of those who live in the street catch up regularly, be it for Sunday night dinners or playing in a summer soccer competition, while everyone got involved in the annual whole-street Christmas party.

“I think there are a lot of streets in Hunters Hill and Gladesville that have a street like ours,” she said.

“There are a few people in Auburn Street that are very outward-looking and see the importance of community and keeping our street connected. They drive a lot of the activity and it makes for a unique place to live.

“I know I have a community of people I could call on at the drop of a hat if I needed to.

“They’re very community minded.

“We’re feeling like we need each other more than anything now and are talking about how we can keep the social connection whilst keeping physical distance in the coming months.”

Pictured: Residents of Auburn Street, Hunters Hill, at an annual Christmas party.

Such connections are being celebrated as part of Neighbour Day, an initiative of not-for-profit organisation Relationships Australia.

The annual celebration of community encourages people to connect with those who live nearby.

Given the current public health situation with COVID-19, Relationships Australia said some people may be required, requested or choose to self-isolate.

But there were many ways to create connections that were not face-to-face, yet made a positive difference.

A community in Gladesville is doing exactly that.

Through Facebook group Shout Out – Gladesville, members are reaching out to the local community for a helping hand.

It is aimed at people who need or can offer support to those who are home alone and need groceries, or help with errands.

Members are able to post messages either about what they need or what they are able to give.

In less than a week after its mid-March creation the group had almost 200 members.

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