December 11, 2020

Mary Hinde

In 45 years as a member of the Anglican Parish of Hunters Hill, Mary Hinde has done just about every job there is in helping run the churches and serve the broader community.

As she works with the congregation to prepare for a series of Christmas events, the community in turn has recognised her as a Hunters Hill Hero.

Making an active contribution to her community has its foundations in a message that still resonates with Mary from her school days: from those to whom much is given, much will be required.

The sentiment has stayed with since, to the time she became involved in volunteering for her children’s preschool and school activities, and to her many and varied roles at the Parish.

“Mary has been everything in the Parish,” Reverend Michael Armstrong said.

“From warden, cleaner, florist, gardener, pastoral carer, you name it.

“She is a real saint, and through her, many have been blessed in our Parish and wider community.”

As well as her work serving on the Parish council and as a church warden, she has been involved in prayer groups, Bible studies, book groups, gardening bees, led Sunday school classes and helped a playgroup at St Mark’s (which was paused this year due to COVID-19).

The playgroup aimed to care for mothers who visited with their children.

“The philosophy was we would give care for the mothers and help them to make friendships and give mothers and children lovely morning teas,” Mary said.

Of all her Parish work, one of Mary’s favourite roles has been sourcing and setting up flowers in the churches.

“I’m a flower person,” she said.

“One of my daughters had a florist business for some years.

“So, I’ve been the ‘flower lady’ for probably 25 years!

“For special days, feast days, holidays, for weddings and funerals, we do beautiful flowers in the church.

“It’s a lovely thing to do.

“Weddings are such happy occasions, it’s lovely.

“For funerals I think it’s really important. People are often very distressed, but having beautiful flowers in the church and beautiful music and all those things is very comforting for people.”

In the next fortnight, the focus will be on preparing for Christmas services, with COVID safe regulations in place.

On Sunday (13 December), the Lessons and Carols service at 7pm at All Saints’ Church involves reading and hymns.

On 18 December at 3pm at All Saints’, Peace at Christmas will present a recital of well-loved carols and baroque music on piano and solo baroque flute.

On December 24 at 6pm it’s Christmas Eve on the Lawn at All Saints’, with a service, children’s Nativity play and carols.

The 25 December Christmas Day services will be held at St Mark’s at 8am and All Saints’ at 10am.

Mary said the singing (this year with masks) and the story of the Nativity were among the things she loved about the Christmas services.

“The singing is always beautiful,” she said.

“Easter is the most important part of the church year.

“But Christmas is always beautiful and it means a lot to a lot of people.

“The hymns and the carols are lovely; the Christmas story itself.”

Mary said her work in the community over many years has been a pleasure.

“It’s a lovely way to make friends and to really feel part of the community,” she said.

At the Parish, Mary said the involvement was as part of a wider group.

“It’s sort of like a big family or a business,” she said.

“There are lots of people that have to be involved to do various jobs to make everything work.

“We’ve got a really lovely community.”

Of her recognition as a Hunters Hill Hero Mary said: “It’s a great privilege to serve.”

“It’s a special community and to be part of it is important.”


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