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September 23, 2020


Hunter’s Hill Council is looking to the future and seeking public input into shaping the facilities and services offered to the community.

The organisation has looked at its community facilities and other properties Council owns, and has developed a draft Community Infrastructure Plan.

Community feedback is being sought on the draft document.

It will give direction for the provision of community facilities in a sustainable manner that will meet current and future needs and provide many benefits to the community.

The draft document has a 10-year horizon, with some short term actions as well as longer term projects. More than 30 documents were consolidated from more than a decade’s research and thousands of community conversations have been drawn on to create the document.

Key elements of the draft document include creation of three community hubs to provide updated and new facilities, which will see the delivery of Hunters Hill’s first library, contemporary community and cultural arts spaces as well as additional housing to provide quality over 55’s and/or smaller style accommodation for local people who wish to downsize.

The draft plan also has a focus on the two key sites Council owns in Gladesville, and how these can contribute to overall masterplan outcomes to revitalise the Gladesville Commercial Centre.

Specialised facilities, such as The Priory that offer unique opportunities, leases and licences Council has in place to demonstrate community benefits, and a structured approach for the review of small parcels of land Council manages are other elements of the draft plan.

The expected benefits are wide-ranging and include factors such as delivering fit-for-purpose facilities through adaptive reuse and creation of new facilities, acting as a catalyst for the local economy and reducing Council’s reliance on rates revenue.

The expected outcomes include innovative services and assets that meet current and future community needs, a sustainable built environment that accommodates a growing population and places, spaces and support for the wellbeing of the community.

Providing quality open and recreational spaces, cultural facilities and improved community service delivery are among the draft plan’s goals.

The Community Infrastructure Plan is on public exhibition until 2 November 2020.

For more information go to: huntershill.nsw.gov.au/participate/cip


MEDIA CONTACT: Jacqui Jones, Communications Officer. Phone: (02) 9879 9400

Email: jonesj@huntershill.nsw.gov.au



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