May 18, 2021

This International Museum Day, Hunters Hill history and culture goes online with Google Arts & Culture

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Hunter’s Hill Council has on International Museum Day (18 May 2021) launched a new collection and virtual exhibitions, showcasing fascinating art and artefacts, and bringing a virtual tour of some of the area’s historic and best-known landmarks to the world through Google Arts & Culture.

Thanks to this new virtual collection, users will be able to see artworks, documents, artefacts and many other treasures from the Hunter’s Hill Council, Museum and the RSL Sub-Branch in just a few clicks.

Everything from an Army first aid box used during World War I; to a draughts (checker) board made from the blue trousers and scarlet tunic of private Malcolm Biffin, who served at Waterloo in 1815 with the British Army; artwork depicting the landing at Anzac on 25 April 1915; flags, plaques, portraits and more is showcased in the collection.

Audiences can also explore the municipality virtually, by taking a journey through the streets of Hunters Hill to admire architecturally significant landmarks like the Town Hall, All Saints Church and Garibaldi Corner, to learn more about the history behind these places.

Moving forwards, the platform will continue to host specially curated virtual exhibits commemorating and highlighting important moments in Hunters Hill’s history and ongoing contemporary story.

Hunters Hill Historical Society President Chris Schofield said that Hunters Hill has a rich and unique history, and Google Arts & Culture is an ideal way to share it with the world.

“We are renowned as one of Australia’s oldest garden suburbs,” he said. “It is easy to see why when you pull the fascinating collection of our streetscapes and amazing artefacts together in one location.

“It is exciting that people well beyond our municipality’s borders will be able to share in enjoying our picturesque local government area and the treasure trove of items held by our Council and local organisations.”


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