July 23, 2020

Council has been undertaking a refurbishment and renovation of 22 Alexandra St, Town Hall and Council premises, over the past few months.

This work has been aimed at addressing issues around:

Maintenance and repairs

A number of maintenance and repair matters have arisen over time which have finally been given some attention.  The first being a need to conduct major work to repair the leaks in the roof, which were also causing water damage throughout the Council building, as well as mould, water damage and even one flooding in the lower ground floor of the administration building.

Council have also had issue with the air conditioning, which was faulty and often failing especially in the hot summer months.

Work Health and Safety

Such issues were also identified in an independent WHS report in August 2018, which stated issues relating to and recommended improvements to:

  • Air quality: flow, temperature, noise, ventilation, mould and lighting
  • Noise pollution due the public using the Community Services office as a thoroughfare
  •  No designated worker amenities
  • Regular sewage odours in the building
  • Security / Physical access issues


Accessibility for people with disability, mobility issues and using prams including:

  • An access ramp to the administration building, to enable people using wheelchairs or other mobility aids, prams or experiencing mobility issues to access through the front door rather than the rear door through the car park
  • Ambulant toilets in the male and female toilets
  • New accessible toilet and nappy change bench
  • Proposal to remove raised platforms in the Chamber (in the gallery section and at the front). This addresses an action in  Council’s Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP), adopted in 2017 that includes an action to Undertake an upgrade of Hunter’s Hill Council Chambers to address major accessibility issues.

These actions are demonstrative of best practice under Universal Design Principles.

These works are beneficial as we prepare for the future, and will positively impact how Council and Community use this important place including:

  • Improved customer services amenities: centralised foyer and Customer Service area, which will support the hiring of the large and small halls during the week, as well as provision of a community self serve kiosk, seating and a suitable meeting room when residents need to speak with Council officer. In addition, this will offer a high level of amenity on weekends for hirer’s.
  • Ability for increased availability to hire the Halls: the provision of the separate staff kitchenette means that the kitchen attached to the hall will be available for hire and exclusive use by hirers.
  • Improved staff accommodation supports the attraction and retention of staff, as the physical environment supports effective collaboration, reflects the culture and is a determinate of staff satisfaction.
  • Flexibility of spaces to optimise use and cater for a greater range of activities and and use without increasing the footprint of the building.
  • Installation of smart technology to promote contemporary practice. Particularly in response to COVID-19, contemporary technology such as video conferencing has become critical to Business as Usual.
  • Integration of Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) to improve energy efficiency measures.

Shared below are photographs of the existing Council Chamber, and illustrations of the proposed refurbishment to the Chamber including acoustic panelling, and indicative layout of furniture, including the removal of platforms that is subject to the s4.55 application currently on exhibition

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