December 6, 2021

Students at Hunters Hill Preschool had a special lesson in waste and sustainability education today (Monday 6 December, 2021), when trucks from United Resource Management (URM) paid a visit.

Hunter’s Hill Council organised the incursion with its waste contractor URM in consultation with the preschool, which used the opportunity to create a practical learning opportunity for its students.

Truck operators gave a rundown of the workings of their vehicles from the onboard cameras to the dual steering wheels, and shared some insight in to a day in their life, including the need to get up at 1.30am in time for work.

Demonstrations of one truck’s bin lifting mechanism and the other’s compacting capability were also well received.

Luke, 5, of the preschool’s Lilly Pilly class, said it was “the best”.

“One thing I learnt was, the truck has two steering wheels,” he said.

“The best was the crushing, and the picking up the bin.

“I loved it when they crushed all of the garbage

“And the back loader can carry 10 tonnes!

“It was great!”

Hunters Hill Preschool Director Marrianna Francis said the visit provided an opportunity to extend on an ongoing interest among students in recycling and sustainability.

“The children were engaged, questioning and hands-on with this incursion,” she said.

“Thank you, Hunter’s Hill Council and URM, for an unforgettable experience for our community!”

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