May 25, 2022


Council wishes to thank the 400 residents who participated in the 2022 Community Survey. The random telephone survey was conducted from 31 March – 09 April 2022. The results of the survey, which are outlined here detail the priorities and levels of satisfaction that the community has with Council.

The priorities have already been embedded in Council’s suite of business plan documents, including the 10-year Community Plan, 4-year Delivery Program and 1-year Operational Plan.

Why did Council conduct a community survey?

The main reasons for Council conducting a community survey were:

  • To understand and identify community priorities.
  • To identify the community’s overall level of satisfaction with Council performance.
  • To understand where Council needs to improve.
  • To identify current and future levels of service.

What were the key highlights?

Some of the main highlights, included:

  • 97% of residents rate their quality of life as good to excellent.
  • 90% of residents agree or strongly agree that ‘people in Hunters Hill are generally proud of their area’.
  • 92% – 96% of residents believe that footpaths, roads and waste services are the most important services that Council delivers and should be a key focus.
  • 60% – 63% of residents would prefer to receive information via eNews, direct mail, word of mouth, information in a rates notice and Council’s website.

What did the community say Council does well?

The following areas ranked as receiving the highest community satisfaction:

  • Cleanliness and graffiti free spaces.
  • Managing wharves and boat ramps.
  • Maintaining parks and recreation areas.
  • Restoring natural bushland.

What did the community say needs improving?

Some of the key areas the community said that Council needs to focus on, are:

  • Improving the condition of roads, footpaths and traffic congestion.
  • Managing development and the Development Application (DA) process.
  • Managing the heritage/character of the area.
  • Maintaining parks and playgrounds.
  • Improving financial sustainability.
  • Improving library services.
  • Protecting the natural environment.

How does Council plan to improve essential infrastructure, including roads and footpaths?

Council will implement the Asset Management Plan, which includes priority road and footpath maintenance. Council will also conduct weekly site inspections to ensure issues are inspected and repaired quickly.

A comprehensive review of the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and Development Control Plan (DCP) will assist in ensuring that the heritage/character of the area is protected. Council will also monitor development applications and ensure that there is adherence to planning controls and that assessments are administered efficiently.

A review of Council’s current library service will be necessary to ensure that the needs of the local community are being met.

Other key actions will include the monitoring and implementation of the Parks and Reserves Improvement Program.

Council will keep the community informed and will continually review the survey data to ensure Council is performing and delivering on what the community said is important.

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