Love your Local is a new initiative from Hunter’s Hill Council  to help support local businesses.

There are many ways to become involved through workshops, social media and newsletters.

Facebook Group

Join the Facebook Group here to engage with local businesses.

Workshops and Events

E-Business Workshops presented in partnership with Digital Mavens.

Watch the video of the Social Media 101 Workshop from 28/09/2021.

Watch the video of the E-Commerce 101 Workshop from 5/10/2021.  E-Commerce Notes.

Stickers and Banners

Look out for window decals, footpath stickers and street banners.







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New Business Assistance with NEIS

The Federal Government’s New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS) helps eligible individuals’ setup and run their own small business.

Sydney Business has a long history (over 25 years) of providing business guidance for potential and existing small business owners not only through the NEIS program but through a range of other training initiatives.

NEIS can help participants create a Business Plan, provide them with accredited training in small business and provide advice and mentoring for the first 12 months of their business operation. All of the training is at NO COST and Sydney Business also provide clients with access to training materials.

This opportunity is open to everyone, people curious about business, people looking for guidance with their business idea, those that are not in employment, education or training, everyone.

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