The YARN is our innovative library and community space in Hunters Hill Village.

Please click here to find out more about what’s on offer at The YARN and about our joint library service with Lane Cove Council.

From July 1, 2020, Hunters Hill residents will have full access to Lane Cove library services for borrowing, programs and their home delivery services. You can read more about the new agreement with Lane Cove Council here.


The agreement with Lane Cove will enable Hunter’s Hill Council to provide new library programs and activities for people of all ages, such as rhyme time, school holiday activities, author talks and arts and crafts, within the Hunters Hill local government area.

Hunter’s Hill Council also be establishing a stand-alone library and community space at 64 Gladesville Rd Hunters Hill, in October 2020.

Hunter’s Hill Council adopted the Library Act 1939 on 14 March 1955 and commenced providing a library service on 2 January 1957 through a joint library agreement with City of Ryde Council.

The agreement with the City of Ryde ended on June 30, 2020.

To celebrate the new agreement with Lane Cove Council and encourage our residents to sign up for brand new library cards, Council ran a promotion in the month of June. The first 100 members receive a limited edition library bag and voucher for a local business, and one lucky member won an iPad!

Click here to join today.


Congratulations to Loni Govenlock of Henley who won the iPad and one of our new, limited edition library bag.

Our first 100 members who will also receive the limited edition library bags in the coming weeks, posted to your home address.

Stuart Niven
Gerard Kehoe
Holly Wright
Paul O’Farrell
Daniela Parisi
Robert Broad
Stany Menezes
Lynnette Wood
Daniela Parisi
Wendy Yang
Richard Baxter
Elizabeth Baxter
Alicia Spencer
Elleece Makin
Rebecca Hansen
Katie Taylor
Maryanne Dwyer
Serena Faber-Nelson
Jennifer Edwards
Emily Edwards
Lesley iliffe
Elise Callender
Janine Sallaway
Julie Driscoll
Ben Collins
Sara Lindqvist
Vannessa Ho
belinda Vallance
Mark Bennett
Paul Mahony
Lovisa Saunders
Linda Govenlock
Claire Glase
Stella Saunders
Lilijana Gorringe
Catherine Bilmon
Jim Towers
Christopher Schofield
Alan Jones
Martina Fox
Natasha Lauren
lynnette wood
sherryn Knight
Julie Gibson
An Tran
Beverley Bennett
Stephen Lees
Amanda Webster
Sunja Im
Mike Allum
Virginia Wise
Ashlyn Allum
Jason Burton
Miles Carone
Anne McFadden
Adrian Diggelmann
Tony Higgins
Chin Hua Goh
Jillian Livingstone
Patricia Mackenzie
Lynn Calluaud
Diem Le
Jacques Calluaud
Danielle Carter
Peter Snowdon
Danielle Williams
James Burton
Helen Schmid
Catherine joel
Adrian Joel
Madeline Clouston
Colin Chidgey
Laura Good
Marissa Pang
Duccio Cocquio
john baird
Fiona Wilkinson
Christine Cocquio
Shailesh Kantawala
Maureen Hurley
Jack Bryans
Kevin Allport
Paddy Bryans
Claire Allport
Alice Oppen
Emily Bryans
Alex Brooking
Priscilla Bailey
Diana Meehan
Amy Turner
Linda Lyon
Suzanne Churchland
Eliza Wager
Suzanne Churchland
Patricia Miller
Maree Wilkins
Drew Bryans
Kathie Frankland
Maya Jankovic
Andrew Lam
Catherine Williams
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